Deadpool On A Donkey Art Print

The Merc with the Mouth gets a new ride with the Deadpool On A Donkey Art Print.

ArtistAbe (AKA Abraham Lopez) brings us an eye-catching image filled with all kinds of goodies for those who can pry their eyes away from Deadpool riding a donkey. The man with a face that not even a mother could love is apparently experiencing a rough ride, judging from the way things are spilling out of his backpack… and just take a look at what a few of these items are. Not only has Wade Wilson gotten his hands on Cyclops’ eye visor, but he’s also obtained a Toy Story Woody doll, a Pokeball, He-Man’s sword, the golden idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark, and a sonic screwdriver from Doctor Who… and that’s not all of it. The man definitely believes in being prepared.

Available for $20 at ArtistAbe’s Etsy store.

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