Crumpled City Maps

Crumpled City Maps

What’s the best way to carry a map when you’re out traveling? It’s not always easy to fold a map when you’re rushing through a city trying to find the train station or the bus stop, but it’s also a pain to get back to the hotel with a map that you can’t use anymore because of all the creases. This is why the Crumpled City Maps will prove to be your best travel companion.

As you can already tell from the photos and its name, Crumpled City Maps come to you already crumpled up. They’re printed on a durable polyethylene fibrous material that will keep the map fully readable and intact, no matter how much you crumple and uncrumple the whole thing.

Travel Size Crumpled City Maps

Crumpled City Maps

Here is the absolute easiest way to fold a travel map: scrunch it up into a ball and stuff it in your pocket. Of course, with a regular paper map that only works a couple of times before it falls apart. That’s why these crumpled city maps are so handy.
They’re printed on durable, flash-spun hi-density polyethylene fibrous material. It’s rip-resistant, waterproof, and thin enough that it crumples down into a ball that fits in your palm. Stuff it in your pocket, or use the included drawstring pouch, and you’re ready to get back on the road.

The Crumpled City Maps are available from Uncommon Goods for $20.

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