Colorware Custom Painted iPhone 4S

Colorware Custom Painted iPhone 4s

The iPhone 4S is hot – no question. Despite complaints that the appearance has changed very little from the 4, the guts of the new iPhone are completely new, and people are paying for the upgrade. But, the question remains, will they shell out $1,500 for a custom painted version of the device? With the Colorware Custom Painted iPhone 4S, you can have an iPhone 4S tailored to your liking for the base price of $1500, with added cost for specific types of paint and other add-ons. It may help your smartphone stand out in the crowd, but it will also bring you even closer to that (inevitable) point where you have gone completely broke spending money on geeky products.

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Custom Painted Colorware iPhone 4S

Thankfully, Colorware gives you the option of buying just the custom paint job and not the device itself. If you choose to send your phone in to the company, the base price is lowered to just $280. (Again, this is the bare minimum package cost.) If you visit Colorware’s custom painted iPhone 4S page, you can see all of the available paint colors, create your design, and receive an estimate of how much it would cost to make that design a reality. You are allowed to customize the front home button, the back of the iPhone 4S, the frame, the SIM card tray, and the included earbuds. Note: the frame is not the front of the iPhone, it is the metal piece that runs along the outside of the phone. Colorware will not customize the front of the iPhone for you, probably because they don’t want to get any paint on your screen and have to fight off hordes of angry customers.

Colorware iPhone 4S

Although it would be extremely cool to have a custom painted iPhone 4S, I’m not sure it’s worth the hefty amount that Colorware is charging. If you have that kind of money to spend, go ahead. If you still have money left to blow, keep me on your list of people who would like a free custom-painted iPhone 4S. I mean, I’ll write you a thank you card and everything, man. Perhaps I’ll even splurge on one of those fancy music cards, or the annoying ones that feature those little pink and green creatures that scream about ice cream and birthdays!

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