Audio Restoring Cassette to CD Converter

Audio Restoring Cassette To CD Converter

Don’t stop believing because you know you just can’t fight this feeling any longer. You want to take those hits from your 80’s cassette tapes and breathe new digital life into them. The Audio Restoring Cassette to CD Converter has what it takes to give you the eye of the tiger.

Not only does this converter salvage those nostalgic musical memories in audio CD format but it also restores the cassette tape’s audio quality as it does, using a patented Dolby noise-reduction process to get rid of things like tape hiss. Even those tapes that were played within an inch of their life get a second chance because a tape speed control handles the problem of “tape stretch.”

Got a few golden oldies in some other form besides cassette tape? Not a problem because you can convert music from any audio device that can plug into the USB or auxiliary ports, and convert that content into MP3 format for storage onto any USB storage device.

Teac AD-RW900 Audio Restoring Cassette to CD Converter

  • Includes headphone jack and remote.
  • Plugs into AC.
  • 18″ W x 6″ H x 12″ D. (7 lbs.)

You can party like it’s 1999 at a white wedding with the Audio Restoring Cassette to CD Converter for $499.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer and $343.72 at


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