Math Glass Drinkware

Math Wiskey Glasses

It will take someone much smarter than me to tell you what all of the equations on this Math Glass Drinkware Set mean, but they do look cool. And if I had this set and served drinks in them, people might even think that I am pretty smart.

Math Drinking Glass Set

Math wizards and scientists are sure to love this set. For those who need it, you get the following:

√2 (Pythagoras’s constant, the square root of two) – 1.414 oz.
φ (Phi, the golden ratio) – 1.618 oz.
π (Pi) – 3.14 oz.
e (Euler’s Number) – 2.718 oz.

This awesome set is just $38 from Uncommon Goods.


  1. Having researched for several years the definitive, squared circle relationship of the square root of 2 and the square root of Pi (exemplified by a certain scalene triangle in an “sPortal” geometry design of three nested circles, all squared), this glassware set is simply too cool!

    If Phi and Euler’s Number exist in a squared circle, I’ll drink to that also … with these perfectly-sized glasses which beg frozen cubes and inspirational libations.

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