Math Equations Watch

Equation Watch

The wristwatch that was made with math geeks, math wizards, and math whizzes in mind is now here: the Equation Watch. The entire watch is criss-crossed with grids so it’ll look like you’ve got some sort of graphing paper on your wrist. But the best part? Instead of the usual boring numbers on the face of the watch, you’ve got equations that can easily be solved (although they look quite complicated at first glance) to give you the actual time.

But seriously, if you know how to tell the time and have worn a regular sort of watch before, then you won’t really need to work out the entire equation to figure it out (unless you’re bored and you’re up for it. But really, the answer is obvious.)

If this watch looks familiar to you, that’s because the dial looks just like the face of the Math Equations Wall Clock. However, now it’s available in convenient portable form.

This is just the latest in a long line of cool watches that will delight your inner-geek. For example, you can go for the Devon Tread 1 Watch if you’re into fancy and insanely expensive watches, or opt for the Mirror Universe LED Digital Watch if you’re into really futuristic looking timepieces.

Equation Watch

  • Perfect for math enthusiasts
  • Unique wrist watch
  • Graph paper color scheme
  • Easier to read than you think

Take note maths fans – we now have the perfect watch for you! This graph paper styled wrist watch is great for maths teachers, accountants and those of you who just can’t get enough of sums!

Each number on the face of this unique watch has been cleverly translated into a more complex mathematical form and has the appearance of pencil scribblings on graph paper.

The Equation Watch is available from Red5 for £14.95 ($24.)


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