Batman Superman Hero Equations T-Shirt

Batman Superman Hero Equations T-Shirt

Everyone knows Batman is better than Superman in every way but the Batman Superman Hero Equations T-Shirt tackles the issue with math, because math is about as indisputable as one can get.

The black 100% cotton tee gets down with the mathematics, using a number of equations to prove the Dark Knight is better than the Man of Steel.

Of course, Batman is a strategic genius so he wouldn’t go against the Kryptonian without Kryptonite, resulting in Batman being better.

However, as the second line demonstrates, even without the radioactive rock, Batman is still better… because BATMAN!

Even with Bruce Wayne stripped of his mask and money, he’s still a skilled fighter, while Superman is just a mild-mannered reporter when you take away his sun-fueled powers.

Fortunately, math also proves what all comic books fans have always known, and that is together, Batman and Superman are greater than everyone else. Heck, they’re not called the World’s Finest for nothing.

Use the power of math to lend weight to your comic book arguments with the Batman Superman Hero Equations T-Shirt for $16.99 to $20.99 at

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