Amphibious R/C Tank

Amphibious R/C Tank

This radio controlled tank fires 6mm BB bullets up to 30 meters (33 yards) and runs on land and in the water, giving you twice the R/C fun for the price of one. Simply push a button and you will transform the toy from a speedy powerboat to an armored tank.

With the ability to safely drive across land and water there is now almost nowhere you can’t go. The tank has also been fitted with a forward facing turret that fires 6mm BB bullets up to 30 metres. The left and right wheels are controlled separately giving greater speed and the ability to turn 360° quickly. At the front are two LED headlights for night assaults and a red light mounted above the turret gives a short warning before firing.

Amphibious R/C Tank

Not only is this the greatest remote controlled fighting machine but it can also carry 4 standard cans on it’s back. So when your friends need drink supplies, whether it be in the garden, the pool or the ocean, you can deliver them in style.

Amphibious R/C Tank


  • Transforms from Powerboat to Tank
  • Fires 6mm BB Bullets
  • 4 wheel drive
  • 360° spins

The Amphibious R/C Tank measures 140(H) x 245(L) x 200(W) mm and is available from for £39.99 (about $81 USD).


  1. haha I thought this looked dorky with the those big holes on top until I saw what they were for – the wheels 😛 I want one! Using it as a beer transport makes it even cooler 🙂 lol

  2. I worry the connection area between top body and bottom body part around the tank. When take this tank to water, the problem may happen.

    Can water leak inside through this connection area?

  3. Where do you live? Because if you own the tank and live in Europe or Asia then it’s probably 220v.If you live in the U.S.A or Canada then it’s probably 110v.

  4. My hubby would love this one – I think it would be the fact he could put his cans on it that would swing his vote – I’m going to show him – will save me the job of fetching them!

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