You can’t do anything about people and their thieving ways, but what you can do is take some extra steps and enforce more measures that can help keep your stuff more secure, like using the Alarmio. Just attach the tiny device to your gym bag, luggage, purse, or any other object that might need a bit more securing and do your own thing. When someone attempts to touch your stuff, the Alarmio will immediately blare out a 100-decibel alarm that will alert you and any nearby security personnel while warding out the would-be thief.

The Alarmio is just for stuff that you can loop it through. For some added security to your room (whether it’s your bedroom or some hotel room), then you might want to look into the Ila Portable Door Alarm Wedge.


Great for securing your stuff whether you’re at the beach, in the office or down the pub, this tough microlock has a 60cm high tensile retractable steel cable. Loop it through the item you need to secure (laptop bag, briefcase, handbag, pint handle) and click it back into the Alarmio’s tough ABS body.

You’re then free to go for a swim, hit the dancefloor, pop out to lunch, or nip to the loo – safe in the knowledge that your kit will be there when you get back. Because if anyone touches the Alarmio, it’ll trigger the 100 decibel motion-sensitive alarm – more than enough to deter any would-be thief.

The Alarmio is available from Firebox for £19.99 ($31.)

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