Handbag Security Safe

Handbag Security Safe

There are a lot of petty thieves around nowadays. Just the other week, a friend of mine who recently got married told me about this guy who came out of nowhere and just snatched his wife’s bag right off her bike handles. Talk about scary. So when I saw the Handbag Security Safe, I immediately gave him a ring to tell him to get his wife one of these.

The Handbag Security Safe isn’t just for bike handles. You can use it to safely carry around your stuff while grocery shopping or taking a walk out with your child on the stroller. It’s made out of durable plastic, so it’s water-resistant. The handle locks in place and won’t open until you key in your key code, so no matter how hard those petty thieves pull on your bag, it won’t break or pop open.

Handbag Security Safe

Handbag Security Safe

This handbag is designed to allow you to carry valuables around in your leisure time. It’s perfect if you want to take your wallet, keys or music player with you to the beach or on a bike ride.

In this sort of situation you always end up wondering what on earth to do with all your belongings so you won’t lose them and they won’t stolen. This handbag is the perfect solution: it functions as a small safe, because you can close the handle and block it using a key, a secret code.

Plus, since it’s made out of plastic, it’ll prevent water and dirt from getting into your stuff. You can also use it as a last resort in hotels if there’s no safe in your room.

The Handbag Security Safe is available from Curiosite for $39.41.

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