A.C.E. Sports Pilot 250cc Off-Road Go Kart

A.C.E. Sports Pilot

Sometimes you really wish you were living a bit outside the city center, like when reading about cool toys on wheels such as this little beauty.

The Pilot 250 is powered by a 250cc liquid-cooled engine that provides a top speed of 46 mph (74 kmh) and a “consistent power and high torque, providing the perfect combination of high performance and outstanding features”.

The fully independent front and rear dual a-arm suspension with sharp handling ensures a smooth comfortable ride.

A.C.E. Sports Pilot


  • Headlights with Hi-Lo beams
  • Speedometer, Odometer and Tachometer
  • Horn, 12v power plug
  • Turn signals and Brake light
  • Center rear view mirror
  • Sealed battery with larger capacity
  • Large 4-gallon gas tank with roll over protection
  • All wheel fenders
  • 2″ rear trailer hitch receiver
  • Cast ductile iron rear knuckles with sealed bearings
  • Bucket seats w/headrests
  • Automotive grade paint finish & UV protection
  • Tool kit
  • Dimensions: 90″L x 62″W x 63″H
  • Dry weight: Approximately 650 lbs.

The A.C.E. Sports Pilot 250cc Off-Road Performance Go Kart is available at Costco and will set you back $4,200.

A.C.E. Sports Pilot


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A true winner. I have owned many, many karts but nothing has ever came close to this one.

    It is top quality and hauls a_ _!

  2. Awesome it is and road legal in many areas !! the advertised speed is low , as it will go faster . this buggy gets 60 to 70 mpg !!!! is carb and epa certified .The pilot is much cheaper than the carter gtr interceptor 250 that are both made by the same company.the engine is considered the best in the industry. Can you imagine running around getting 60 to 70 mpg !!!! we drive our buggy in all weather except the rain . the control is great even in snow and ice covered roads this is very easy to handle.the ride is great also even my wife 8 months pregnant went for a ride !! the features above fail to mention this buggy has reverse . some of the different models even have speakers with a hook up for your ipod/mp3 players i’ve found these buggy’s to be very safe we’ve never worn helmets and rolled ours too many times to count and no one has ever had more than bumps and bruises from being bounced around. these buggy’s should be your first choice when considering a atv or motorcycle . check around as northern tool currently offers this buggy for 3799.00 plus delivery which came to an additional $261.00
    if you ever get the chance to ride 1 of these don’t pass it up

  3. Wow! Awesome kart! Actually i am hoping to have one just like that!

    “There is no difference between a wise man and a fool when they fall in love.”

  4. I spent part of my free time watching go kart races and my interest in the subject actually led me here. I have always wanted a unit just like that but the thing is that the steep price seems to prevent me. If was thinking of getting a second hand unit but do you think that this is worth it? How about second hand value?

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