World’s First Radio-Controlled Flying Bee

Radio-Controlled Flying Bee

I guess the Top 13 Strangest R/C Toys list needs to be updated after having read these wonderful news about the WowWee’s Radio-Controlled Flying Bee.

Wowwee Ltd., in a licensing partnership with DreamWorks Animation Consumer Products, today announced the creation of Flytech™ Barry B. Benson™, the world’s first radio-controlled flying bee. Flytech Barry B. Benson is the official flying bee toy, based on the character from Dreamworks Animation’s Bee Movie™, starring Jerry Seinfeld. Wowwee Ltd. is the maker of the hugely successful Robosapien™ robot and the company that revolutionized indoor flight with their line of FlyTech™ aeronautical products.

Available at Radio Shack and Toys ‘R Us stores nationwide this October, FlyTech Barry B. Benson is no ordinary RC flyer — he flutters, soars, dives and glides, reaching speeds close to 18 miles per hour! With a design that imitates the flapping-wing flight of birds and insects, FlyTech Barry features an ultra-light, easy-to-fly design and a crash-resistant structure that can be maneuvered in tight spaces.

(Via CrunchGear)

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