Radio Controlled UFO

Radio Controlled UFO

This Radio Controlled UFO ($80) is designed to be used as a fun indoor toy.

The micro motor jet thrusters will take the helium balloon airship in any direction you want, or stand still in mid-air and do some 360 degree turns.

You really can achieve amazing indoor flying action with this Multifunctional Radio Controlled Airship and you can even race against your buddies with their R/C Airships as different frequencies are available.

The Radio Controlled UFO is very simple to control. It has two thrusters, which can both be angled. Consequently if you push both thrusters fully forward, then the UFO will rise. Likewise, if you push both thrusters into reverse then it will fall. The same principle applies to turning left and right. In this instance however, you need to push one thruster forwards and one backwards depending one the direction in which you wish the UFO to turn.


  • Multifunction R/C Transmitter/Receiver (pre installed)
  • Micro motor jet thrusters. The UFO is 2 channel
  • Refillable Helium Blimp Balloon and Instruction Manual.

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