Balloon Lamp

LED Balloon Lamp

Now here’s a lamp that I probably won’t be putting up in my home anytime soon because I’ve got kids: the Balloon Lamp. It’s creativity and quirkiness isn’t that far off from the Huey Color Changing Lamp or the USB Mushroom LED Lamp, but unlike these two, it poses an additional risk: tiny tots and kids who think that it’s a plain old balloon might want to grab it, or even worse, try to pop it.

Imagine what a mess that might turn out to be. It is tempting, though, to still get one of these and put it up when the kids are more grown up and can understand that a lamp ain’t a plaything, even though it might look like one. Perhaps the Balloon Lamp can add a little bit more flair and liveliness in my Cirque de Casa.

Balloon Lamp

Balloon Lamp

The exterior of the lamp is an actual rubber balloon, which can be deflated for storage or travel. The hook at the top allows you to hang the lamp anywhere you need it; in storage rooms, by your reading nook, or even in a tent when camping! The internal, high-power LED bulb puts out plenty of illumination without getting hot, and turns on and off with a twist of the base. Just two, easily replaceable lithium-coin batteries can power the lamp for 100 hours of continuous use. Comes with two balloons.

You can get a Balloon Lamp to hang up your home or anywhere you fancy for about $77 at Japan Trend Shop. It is also available for $45 from Uncommon Goods.

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