Balloon Animal Jello Mold

Balloon Animal Jelly Mold

If you liked the design of the Balloon Animal Bookends we recently featured, you’re probably going like the Balloon Animal Jelly Mold too.

Nothing brings on a smile as quickly as freshly-made balloon animals. When you make an edible party pooch out of your favorite flavor of Jell-O, everyone will get as giddy as school girls. These balloon animals don’t pop, but they also won’t last long, either.

Balloon Animal Dog Jelly Mold

Party Pooch Jelly Mold
Every good party has dessert & balloon animals, so why not combine the two to make the best party ever? This plastic gelatin mold is shaped like a balloon animal dog and turns out party pooches. Measures approximately 8″x7″

Serve gelatin as back-up at birthday parties, because you never know if you’ll get a few non-cake eaters attending the bash. Make a bunch of Jell-O balloon animals in different colors to really astound people.

Invite the circus to your home and delight the crowd with the Balloon Animal Jelly Mold, available at FredFlare for $12.

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