Turd Twister

Turd Twister

Introducing the Turd Twister…because it’s been a while since we’ve had a really funny WTF Product.  Just like the Playdoh Fun Factory we all loved as children, which uses extrusion to create spaghetti and other cool shapes, The Turd Twister applies that same extrusion technology to the bathroom.  Yes, this designer turd sculpting kit is perfect for any time you need a decorative turd.  Just select the desired designer template disk, insert the device carefully, and push “it” out through the extruder.  Cleanup is easy–it’s dishwasher safe!

Unlike some of those strange Japanese Beauty Products, which are real, this is obviously a gag gift.  As such, it technically shouldn’t qualify as WTF, but what else comes to mind when you see this?  Check out all the different templates below.

Turd Twister Designs

The Turd Twister is a complete kit for shaping your turd into amazing designs, and it comes with a hilarious instruction manual. It’s the Ultimate Gift for the person who has everything, including a “twisted” sense of humor! The kit ships with our 10 most popular Turd Twisters. 10 laugh-inspiring, dishwasher-safe Turd Twisters, and that’s just the beginning! In addition, you’ll get the Amazing Manual called “How to Twist Your Turds.” This booklet, loaded with images explaining the art and science of Turd Twisting, will have everyone rolling on the floor laughing.

The Turd Twister is on sale for $19.98 at PrankPlace.com.

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  1. Youre shitting me right?

  2. I actually came up with this idea 10 years ago or longer.. This is pretty funny.

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