The Z Clock

The Z Clock

Looking for a clock that can somehow fit into your cramped office desk or side table? Then you don’t need to look any further than the Z Clock because this is definitely as thin as clocks can get. The Z clock is called as such because of its shape, which is in the form of a letter Z. It’s really thin and light and features a huge transparent LCD display where you can read off the time, date, day, and the temperature. Pretty cool, right?

But more than that, the Z Clock is also a desk lamp because it’s got some LED lights incorporated into the first panel of the lamp. It’s definitely minimalist and simplistic in nature, much unlike the TIX LED Clock or Star Wars Darth Vader Lamp & Alarm Clock.

The Z Clock

The Z Clock

  • Travel alarm clock, desk lamp and adjustable reading light in one
  • Displays time, date, day and temperature
  • Recharge the built-in battery via USB (cable included)
  • Innovative folding design for easy transport

This robust folding gadget has a clear LCD display and 18 bright white LEDs, making it an alarm clock, reading light and adjustable desk lamp in one. And thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery it makes a pretty handy torch, too.  Simply unfold the clock and lamp sections from the weighted base (forming the ‘Z’ shape in the name) and adjust them to the best viewing angle. The LCD display will show the time, date, day and even the ambient temperature.

The Z Clock is available from Firebox for £29.99 ($47.)

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