Super Mario Backpack

Super Mario Brothers Mario Backpack

Seeing the Super Mario Backpack brings back a whole lot of nostalgic memories of the games me and my brothers used to play on the Super NES. What great times we had knocking down turtles, throwing fireballs at fire-breathing plants, running through creepy castles with pools of lava, and many more adventures all to save Princess Toadstool.

Video game brothers Mario and Luigi have survived through the tests of time, because I believe that they still enjoy quite a following nowadays, even among youngsters. These backpacks can also double as plush toys that aren’t completely filled with fluff, but they’re soft enough to still pass as plush toys all the same.

Super Mario Backpack

Super Mario Backpack

While we look into these important questions, why not give Mario a break from carrying the weight of the Kingdom on his shoulders – and carry him instead? This huggably soft Super Mario Backpack is a must for any Nintendo fan. Keep your valuables inside his plush body and they’ll be safe from any knocks and bumps.

  • 100% Official Super Mario Merchandise
  • Super Soft Super Mario Backpack
  • Excellent quality
The Super Mario Backpack is available from Firebox for $35.  For more Mario fun, checkout the Mushroom LED Lamp and Super Mario Gummy Candy.
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  1. How cute! My little brother would luv it! Keep it up

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