Star Wars Dog Collar

Star Wars Dog Collar

If you’re a dog owner who also happens to be a big fan of Star Wars, your pet might have no choice but to put up with your geeky antics. Some dogs are named after Star Wars characters like Chewbacca or Yoda. And then there are those lucky pets that are forced to go incognito as Star Wars characters, wearing Pet Star Wars Costumes on Halloween and other special occasions. Well now there is a Star Wars Dog Collar, featuring all your favorite characters that tend to inspire dog names.

Since these collars are custom-made to fit your dog, you don’t have to worry about the collar being too tight or too loose; that is of course if you measure your pooch’s neck accurately in inches. Some dogs wear rhinestones, some wear spikes, but only the best will do for yours and that’s a collar full of Jedi and Sith lords.

  • Star Wars Characters Large 1 Inch Dog Collar.
  • It is made to order – will ship out 1-3 days after order.
  • Collar- made with 1″ heavy weight seatbelt webbing and “x” stitched for guaranteed strength!

Un”leash” the force on your dog with a Star Wars Dog Collar is available at Etsy for $16.00. And don’t forget that there are other options you can choose for the buckle and webbing color, in case you want something different from the collar in the photos.

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  1. Please can you help me I desperately want to buy one of these Star Wars dog collars but how? I tried clicking where you say it can be purchased at etsy but that was no help. 🙁

    • It seems like Etsy is sold out right now, click on the Contact the shop owner link on the Etsy page and see if they have will have any more coming in.

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