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If you haven’t succeeded in training your cat to potty in the loo Mr. Jinx-style with the Litter Kwitter, there are still other options for you and your cat. For example, the Litter Robot is a self-cleaning litter box that looks like a space-aged escape pod or Kenny from “South Park.”

The 24/7 self-cleaning litter box!
Frequently away from your favorite feline? Let the LITTER ROBOT help. Self-cleaning litter box features a patented sifting process that’s automatically activated just minutes after the cat leaves the box, transferring waste into a hidden drawer, then refilling with the remaining clean litter.

Drawer is lined with a regular kitchen trash bag for easy removal – no scooping! Safe and comfortable for your cat. Perfect for multi cat households! A great way to save time and money while eliminating litter box hassles. 22″ W x 24″ L x 29″ H. 18 month warranty! Choose from beige, black, or gray.

Your cat will love the Litter Robot because cats tend to be bashful when they go to the bathroom and prefer a little privacy. Notice that there is a bay window so that kitty isn’t left totally in the dark? The front entrance also has a doorstep to help cats go inside. Also, the robot keeps the litter clump-free and fresh so that he will be eager to return for his next pit stop.

Cat owners will love this contraption because it makes the dirty job of cleaning kitty litter less repulsive, as the waste automatically gets sent directly into your trash bag and leaving only clean litter behind. Seven minutes after a cat leaves the litter robot, it will perform its magic by sifting out unwanted objects and dropping them into your hidden trash bag that’s at the bottom of the pod. Basically, the robot means that cat waste is out of sight, out of mind, and hopefully out of smell.

Find the Litter Robot Bubble Unit at SkyMall for $359.99 in beige, black, or gray. The gray one is an “ECO” unit, made of mostly recycled materials. Also available at from $339.99.

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