Solar Powered Candle

Solar Powered Candle

In a world that’s thankfully going greener, you find the words “solar powered” being stamped on a wide range of products more and more while browsing your mall. Solar powered calculators, bird baths, bobble heads, lanterns–and now, Solar Powered Candles.

Candles were the last thing I imagined going solar. But well, here they are, in the here and now. Since they need light to light up themselves, make sure you place them in a well lit spot during the day. Use them for romanticizing up your apartment or room when the mood is right!

Solar Powered Candle

Solar Powered Candle

The Solar Powered Candle looks and feels like an ordinary candle because it’s made from real wax, but it’s far from ordinary. This candle is solar powered, which means no mess with melted wax or an elongated game of hide and seek to find some matches. Plus, it’s flame-free which means it’s ideal to use around pets and kids!

It’s also quick and easy to use. Switch the candle on and simply place the candle in a sunny spot such as a window sill or conservatory. The candle will charge during the day, and provide a radiant light when the sun goes down. It provides the perfect ambiance in any home.

  • Made from real wax
  • Solar powered LED candle
  • Easy to use
  • No batteries required

The Solar Powered Candle can be purchased from Gizoo for £12.95 ($21) each and at The Glow Company for £9.95.

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