Dirt Cologne Review

Dirt Cologne Review

GeekAlerts has shown you Dirt Cologne in the past and like us, we think many of our readers were intrigued. So when scent.com offered us a sample to tryout, we couldn’t resist. Since it is described as smelling like refreshing scent of the outdoors in a bottle, I figured it go could go several ways and anywhere in between. It could smell like a nice morning breeze coming off a southern swell from the Pacific Ocean (something Southern Californians are lucky enough to wake up to), or it could smell like a farm somewhere in the mid-west (which oddly enough to me, is said to be quite pleasant for people familiar with it.)

Besides myself, I decided to let a few people take a sample sniff and gather everyone’s thoughts. Like they say, opinions vary. Personally, I found the scent interesting and not bad at all; while others weren’t quiet as found of it as me. I think it really does come down to your personal preferences and what you think about the outdoors in general. If you are avid outdoorsman and you enjoy getting dirty, then this cologne is worth a shot at on $6 per .5oz bottle. If you are a city boy that doesn’t like to get his hands dirty, then this bottle is very much needed so you can attest to your manliness by stating you’ve had Dirt on you at least once in your life.

You can purchase Dirt Cologne from Scent.com for $6 per .5oz bottle.

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