Demeter Fragrances

Demeter Fragrances

GeekAlerts introduced your senses to the wonderful world of Demeter Fragrances back when we showed you Dirt Cologne. Now you have a chance to put on fragrances that will drive any nose crazy…good or bad, you decide.

The Demeter Fragrances come in a variety of scents like Firefly, Paperback, Play-Doh, Sanrio 50th Anniversary, Sushi and Waffles. Before you go crazy, Firefly doesn’t smell like Captain Mal Reynolds after a long battle with the Alliance or even Serenity, the Firefly-class spaceship he and his crew piloted. Instead, it smells like a night of chasing Fireflies…You know, the insects that light up and end up in young kids’ bottles.

Demeter Fragrances

  • Firefly: Remember those Spring evenings spent romping through the backyard, catching fireflies in a mayo jar? This smells exactly like that.
  • Paperback: A trip to your favorite library or used bookstore. Sweet and lovely with just a touch of the musty smell of aged paper.
  • Play-Doh: Breathe in the scent of your childhood with this fragrance that smells exactly like a freshly opened jar of Play-Doh modeling compound.
  • Sanrio 50th Anniversary: Hello Kitty! Inspired by the scent of a Sanrio store, this fragrance smells like Japanese fruit flavored gum and scented erasers.
  • Sushi: The fresh scent of just cooked sticky rice and straight from the seaside seaweed, with hints of ginger and lemon. (Bring your own fish, you won’t find any in here.)
  • Waffles: The warm and mouthwatering scent of hot waffles smothered in melty butter and real maple syrup. When we think of happiness, we think of waffles.

Each 30 ml/1 oz bottle is sure to stir up some interesting thoughts/memories and may make for great white elephant gift idea. Purchase your choice of Demeter Fragrances from ThinkGeek for $19.99 each.

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