Smoking Donkey Cigarette Dispenser

Smoking Donkey Cigarette Dispenser

Know a chain smoker who can’t live without his or her smokes? The Smoking Donkey Cigarette Dispenser is a creative gift that lets smokers keep their smokes out of the box and hidden in this tiny donkey.

Feel the urge to light one up? Just press down on the donkey’s ears and watch a cigarette slide out from its behind, all ready for you to take and light up. Putting your sticks of nicotine in the Smoking Donkey Cigarette Dispenser is definitely better than putting your cigarette box on display on your desk, that’s for sure.

The Smoking Donkey Cigarette Dispenser

Smoking Donkey Cigarette Dispenser

Load this donkey with your favorite cigarettes. When you want to smoke one, just press the donkey’s ears and a cigarette will come out… from behind.

The plastic donkey is large enough to hold up to 24 cigarettes and measures 19.1 x 12.7 cm. That way you can keep track of how many cigarettes you smoke, and you’ll also have a good laugh.

It’s a fun accessory for any room. It also makes a fun gift.

  • Size: 19.1 x 12.7 cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Stores about 24 cigarettes
  • Comes packed in an illustrated plastic blister

The Smoking Donkey Cigarette Dispenser is available from Curiosite for $12.80.

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