Shadow of the Duck Shower Curtain

Shadow of the Duck Shower CurtainIf you share a home or apartment with other people, the “accidental” shower walk-in is inevitable. Imagine that you’re playing some mighty fine music on the iDuck Wireless Speaker and lying back in the tub working up some suds or working up a lather in your hair with the shower running full blast. You don’t hear the front door open or hear your roomie calling out your name. You shut the water off and just as you’re reaching for the soap, the bathroom door opens (the lock is conveniently broken) and you start screaming and shrieking and trying to cover up what little you can with your hands.

Here are some things you can do to prevent this scenario: fix the lock; stop playing your bathroom music; or get a shower curtain. If the geeky Periodic Table Shower Curtain is too serious for you, then you can go for the Shadow of the Duck Shower Curtain instead.

Duck Shadow Shower Curtain

Shadow of the Duck Shower Curtain

What’s yellow, floats in the bath, and casts a menacing shadow? Our Psycho inspired Shadow Of The Duck Shower Curtain!
Our shower curtain brings a bit of ducky menace to your bath time, a shade of suspense to your shower and a smile to anyone who unsuspectingly walks into your bathroom!
Shower curtain is 100% EVA.  Do not air dry. 71 inches long x 72 inches wide.

Shadow Duck Shower Curtain

Duck Shadow Shower Curtain Features

  • Fun for shower-time
  • Shower curtain with a twist
  • Machine washable
  • Water resistant
  • Rings are included

Convinced that the Shadow of the Duck shower curtain can save you from some pretty embarrassing situations? It is available for £14.95 at GIZOO. You can get it from Perpetual Kid for $19.99.

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