Duck Hunter Indoor Flying Duck Hunt Game

Duck Hunter Indoor Flying Duck Hunt GameNostalgic for Duck Hunt on the NES but want something more lifelike and interactive? Check out the Duck Hunter Indoor Flying Duck Hunt Game! This toy duck actually flies, until you blast it a few times with the gun. It fires a safe infrared beam, so you don’t hurt yourself. Plus no little duckies get hurt either when you’re hunting with this toy.

Duck Hunt Indoor Flying Hunting Toy

Interactive Toy Concepts Duck Hunter

This groundbreaking new toy is both safe AND fun! Just place the duck on the “Pop Up” charger for 10 seconds, remove, flip the duck’s on switch…toss…and take aim! The shooter fires a safe infrared beam, and incorporates realistic loading and shooting sound effects. Happy Hunting!

  • Bring the duck hunt indoors—just charge, toss and take aim
  • Includes a flying duck and an infrared shooter
  • Shooter fires an infrared beam; 3 hits will bring the duck down
  • Duck has actual flapping wings and a stabilizing tail; flight direction can be easily adjusted for straight or circular flight patterns
  • Your first 2 hits will stop the wings for a second, decreasing altitude slightly; the third hit brings it down

The Duck Hunter Indoor Flying Duck Hunt Game is $39.99 at It is also available for $29.99 at and for $17.99 at


  1. This is amazing. Too bad I would not be able to play this in my tiny apartment. I wonder if it would work as well outdoors. Might look crazy in the park though hahahaha.

    • so maybe you just wanna play it on your phone? try downloading Ducky Dunk Hunting @
      have fun friend!

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