Rolobox – Reusable Wheel Kit for Boxes

Rolobox - Reusable Wheel Kit for Boxes

For his birthday, my sister got my nephew a train set. He unwrapped the entire thing gleefully, opened the box, dumped out all the contents–and began playing with just the box. The expression on my sister’s face was, needless to say, priceless. Sometimes kids get creative with their toys, and not just with the actual toy itself. For some more boxy fun, you can consider getting one of these Rolobox – Reusable Wheel Kits for Boxes.

Each Rolobox – Reusable Wheel Kit contains screws and wheels that you can attach on any box at all to get it moving. Create truck boxes, SUV boxes, sports car boxes–really, the possibilities are endless.

Rolobox - Reusable Wheel Kit for BoxesRolobox – Reusable Wheel Kit for Boxes

Rolobox is yet another invention that will make your child’s imagination play easier than yours. (Oh, to be a kid again!) It’s a reusable set of wheels and brackets that you can fit to any size cardboard box. All the nuts and bolts are included. Just make a hole in the box and everything will pop and screw into place. Turn any old box into a car, bus, train, or lightcycle.

  • Reusable wheel kit turns boring boxes into all sorts of vehicles
  • Turn a box into a car, bus, train, or lightcycle
  • All parts are recyclable and packed in a reusable bag

TheĀ Rolobox – Reusable Wheel Kit for Boxes is available from ThinkGeek for $9.99.

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