Rifle Umbrella

Rifle Umbrella

Some things are cool and geeky, but could potentially get you into a spot of trouble. Like this Rifle Umbrella. It’s probably not a good idea to use this near any policemen or at the airport.

But if you like holding your umbrella with the butt end of a rifle then by all means, check this umbrella out. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you. I have to admit, it does look pretty awesome slung on your back. When rain comes, just grab this baby as if a fire-fight is about to go down and squeeze that trigger.

Rifle Umbrella

It won’t sound off and shoot anything, but your umbrella will pop up and you will stay nice and dry until the police come to collect you. It comes with that one-piece cover bag so you can carry it just like a weapon and they come tipped with fake rifle barrel tips on top too. Only $19 and $28 from Brando for the 73 cm and 100 cm size .

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3 Responses to “Rifle Umbrella”

  1. What a novel reason for getting shot by cops!

  2. I know it looks cool, but it’s another reason for cops to shoot you like Periphery said.
    You may look like a cool video game character. But you may end up not as cool. Better be careful with this gun handle umbrella. People may also call the cops on you telling that you’re carrying a gun while walking at the streets.

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