Up Yours Umbrella

Up Yours Umbrella

GeekAlerts writers understand the importance of rain, we just don’t want it messing up our $100 hairdos…Okay, $8.75 at the local barber, but that’s not the point!

We’ve shown you plenty of cool umbrellas (Blade Runner Umbrella & Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrellas) that will make light of the bad weather situation, but what about an umbrella for those days when it’s all going wrong. That’s where this Up Yours Umbrella comes in very handy. It lets you flip off everything from the rain above to onlookers on the street, all with the subtleness of a novelty umbrella.

Up Yours UmbrellaUp Yours Umbrella
Armed with this brilliant brolly you can now be singing and dancing in the rain without raindrops falling on your head, all the while knowing that you’re letting those dark clouds know just how you feel.

  • Spring loaded opening mechanism
  • High quality waterproofed polyester
  • Classic middle finger image
  • Dome is made from 100% polyester in 8 sections

When the weather isn’t going your way, have some fun at other people’s expense and pullout the Up Yours Umbrella. Available for pre-order from Firebox.com for about $46.

Update November 2012: Available as “Fuck the Rain Umbrella” for $39.95 at Gadgets and Gear. Also sold at Amazon.com.

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