Backpack Umbrella

So you’ve tucked your Fanbrella safely into your Umbrella Messenger Bag, but for some reason, things still don’t feel right. If you prefer to have the handle out of your face, then maybe the Backpack Umbrella would be more up your alley.

The umbrella messenger bag was meant to keep everything hassle free and hands free,  but doesn’t work for everyone.  For people who don’t really need the extra storage provided by the messenger bag, they can keep things more simple with the Backpack Umbrella; which is really just a backpack with an umbrella, nothing more.

Backpack Umbrella

This is the umbrella that is worn on the back, providing rain and sun protection while keeping the hands free. Ideal for use when burdened by packages, a dog’s leash, or other activities that require both hands, the umbrella fits into a pack strapped to the back.
Unzipping the pack, removing the umbrella and attaching it to the pack’s built-in, adjustable support rod takes seconds; the pack slips over the shoulders and secures around the waist with a plastic buckle. When deployed, it covers its wearer with a 39 1/4″-diameter polyester canopy. The umbrella’s canopy collapses easily against its pole and slips back into the pack’s pouch when the weather clears.

The Backpack Umbrella is available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $39.95.


  1. This is pretty much a dumb umbrella. I mean, did the design ever thought what would happen is the rain is falling towards the person? TOTALLY SOAKED. this is crap!!!!!!

    • Warren you seem to be a bitter person? Why would you be so negative on such a creative idea?. Have you ever considered the other benifits this idem brings? Such as blocking the sun from a person who has skin cancer or a normal rainy day that rains straight down instead of your theory of sideways rain? Maybe with a twist of this item it could prevent that sideways rain also. Maybe you never had to carry a child in one hand and groceries in the other hand when all of a sudden you get a thundershower and your thankful you have a hands free backpack that gives you the protection you so rudely called CRAP. I can tell your never gonna have an idea to help people the way this woman has. On that note have a wonderful day 🙂

      • This is a shitty design for a umbrella back pack. warren is right the umbrella is to far back wards.
        What is this the umbrella backpack that keeps other pedestrians behind you dry.?

        I would walk on some ones heals if they carry this design of umbrella backpack and i didnt bring my own.
        Every person carrying this would have another person ducking behind them staying dry, , whist the one carrying the umbrella gets blasted in the face by rain.

        Terrible engineering

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