Retro Gamer Tetris Swimsuit

BlackMilk Tetris Swimsuit

Just the other day BlackMilk came out with a new collection of products including an awesome Cathedral Dress. Another cool new product was this Retro Gamer Tetris Swimsuit. It may look familiar to GeekAlerts Readers, because it is based on those Retro Gamer Leggings we shared with you last year. Basically it is a sexy one piece swimsuit for women that features the classic video game Tetris. I guess this also serves as a reminder that swimsuit season is coming.

I’m a guy, so I can’t wear this swimsuit, although maybe we can convince them to make a Mankini version. Either way it doesn’t really matter, because people will be able to tell I love video games by the shape my body is in, regardless of which swimsuit I wear. Too many video games and too much bacon…

Retro Gamer Tetris Swimsuit

BlackMilk Retro Gamer Swimsuit

  • Composition: Polyester/Nylon/LYCRA
  • Designer: James Lillis
  • Made in: Australia

Order the Retro Gamer Swimsuit for AU $90 at BlackMilk.

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