New Line of Prank Packs

New Line of Prank Packs

Just in time for holiday shopping, 30 Watt releases their New Line of Prank Packs. These three box are great for that child or friend you never wanted and offer some serious entertainment if given to your grandma. Watch her spend 20 minutes just examining the box only to tell you how useful the product will be and that it is just what she wanted. Aren’t grandmothers sweet!

About a month ago GeekAlerts introduced you to these Prank Packs and we still think they are the perfect way to get out of giving something expensive. Isn’t it the thought that counts? Anyway, these boxes are highly detailed and are ready for you to stuff your real gift inside them. After the joke is up, make sure your loved one actually opens the box or they might be throwing away something special.

New Line of Holiday Prank Packs

  • iDrive – The first and best steering wheel mount for your tablet computer
  • Bathe and Brew – A coffeemaker that attaches to your shower head
  • Toe Tunes – The slipper speakers that will revolutionize the portable music market

You can purchase the the New Line of Prank Packs and any of the original ones for $8 each or 3 for $20 from

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