Prank Foaming Lighter

Prank Foaming Lighter

My grandfather passed away from lung cancer, and we’ve all always blamed it on his addictive smoking habits. If you’ve got a close friend, dad, or other relative who can’t seem to leave his smoking habits behind, then the Prank Foaming Lighter might help convince him or her to give it up–at least for a day.

Now the giving-up-for-a-day part isn’t really up for arguments, because you’ll be pulling the old switcheroo. Just swipe their lighter and replace it with this prank foaming lighter instead. When they step out to light up, all they’ll get is some puffy white foam and zero flame. Now you’ve got their attention.

Prank Foaming Lighter

Get ready for a prank no one would EVER expect! This Foam shooting Lighter will surprise the heck out of anyone who needs a “light”. When the foolish victim plays with the Lighter, the press of the ignition button will erupt a white foam geyser. People will scream and run for their lives. Perhaps this is a great way to scare someone out of smoking. In any case, this prank is hilarious and a sure fire hit in any situation that just doesn’t have enough FOAM.

  • Simply press the Foam can to the Lighter to load the foam and you’re ready to go.
  • The Foam will eject at the press of the ignition button.
  • Foam shoots up to 5ft in the air!
  • Foam is harmless and disappears in minutes.
  • Foam can holds up to 20 charges.

The Prank Foaming Lighter is available from for $12.99.

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