Fire Extinguisher Lighter

Fire Extinguisher Lighter with LED Light

Photography can really play tricks on you. The image you see above looks like a fire extinguisher–until you take a closer look, that is, and realize that it’s actually a lot smaller than what it appears to be. This fire extinguisher is no ordinary one, because instead of extinguishing flames, it produces a flame instead. That’s because this is a Fire Extinguisher Lighter.

The Fire Extinguisher Lighter does have an important safety feature: it has a safety block that prevents accidental ignition so you won’t need a real extinguisher to put out any fires.

If you’re looking for a lighter that’s got more mileage (read: gas) in it though, then you might want to try checking out the Giant Lighter.

Fire Extinguisher Lighter

Fire Extinguisher Lighter

  • Ideal for collection and gift
  • Refillable and adjustable butane flame
  • High quality metal construction
  • Safety block to stop accidental ignition
  • Nice decoration for your key ring

The Fire Extinguisher Lighter is available from Amazon starting from $0.01 plus shipping.

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