Zippo Flexible Neck Lighter

Zippo Flexible Neck Lighter

Heads will turn and eyes will widen when they see you pull the Zippo Flexible Neck Lighter from your breast or pants pocket to light up a cigarette or to light one of your manly Mandles (Beer Bottle Candles). This lighter looks a bit like a blowtorch, so I wouldn’t exactly blame other people for staring, but it’s just a lighter with a flexible neck in reality.

The Zippo Flexible Neck Lighter wasn’t made the way it was just for appearances’ sake, though, because you can actually use the neck to your advantage. Like, say, lighting up the bonfire from its core or flame up your entire grill without getting too close and burning yourself.

Zippo Flexible Neck Lighter

  • Indoor/outdoor gas lighter
  • Flexible extended neck
  • Rugged metal construction
  • Wind-resistant dual flame technology

This childproof fire starter has a flexible neck, so it’s perfect for igniting your campfire from the very middle, or delivering flames to all corners of your barbecue. And thanks to its rugged metal housing, it’ll take all the knocks of life in the great outdoors (or look suitably buff in your stainless steel kitchen). With an adjustable flame and fuel level indicator, this butane lighter is as intuitive and easy to use as a box of matches.

The Zippo Flexible Neck Lighter from Firebox for £14.99 ($24.)

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