Serotonin Metal Wall Sculpture

Serotonin Molecule Wall Art

You know how some people get tattoos that have cryptic meanings or are in a foreign language so that you can’t figure them out? Well, geeks also talk in code and have ways to express their personalities through techy terms or molecular structures, for instance. Introducing the Serotonin Metal Wall Sculpture, a symbolic way to remind oneself to strive for happiness.

Serotonin is the brain’s feel-good chemical, interacting with receptors to create happiness, satisfaction, and relaxation.
Hang this on a wall as a reminder to be happy, or give it to someone for whom you wish joy and contentment. Steel sculpture has keyholes for hanging on the back and comes with three mounting screws. 26″ x 13″.

Serotonin’s simple structure comes across as quite modern in appearance. When bent into a metallic sculpture, the happy brain chemical looks like an impressive piece of art.

We’re all basically junkies of serotonin, whether we increase production of it through exercise, video gaming, playing with toys, adult beverages, socializing, interacting with loved ones, collecting various gadgets, etc. So geeky scientist or not, this sculpture speaks to all mankind.

The Serotonin Metal Wall Sculpture can be found at for $29.95.

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