Miniature Drum Set Alarm Clock

Miniature Drum Set Alarm Clock

Here’s a little something that will go hand in hand with the Electronic Finger Drums that we had up here a couple of days ago.

The Miniature Drum Set Alarm Clock ($40) features an analog clock at the front head of the bass drum. You can choose between music or sound for the wake-up call. Size: 11in. L x 7in. H x 4in. D.

(Via Nerd Approved)

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2 Responses to “Miniature Drum Set Alarm Clock”

  1. Hi, I am interested to know if you still have a red drum set alarm clock in stock and if so how long would it take to send to the U.K?

    Best regards


  2. Hi there, do you have a recording of the wake up sound that is played? We are trying to find a clock that we used to have and think this might be it, but need to confirm the tone.


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