Metaphys Viss Spiral Eraser Set

Metaphys Viss Spiral Erasers

At, we love clever designs. That’s true whether it is something complex or somthing simple, even something as basic as a pencil eraser. These Metaphys Viss Spiral Erasers may not be high tech or complex, but their innovative design doesn’t just look cool, it serves a useful function. When you use an ordinary eraser, the point often wears down making it difficult to erase precisely. With the sleek spiral design of the Metaphys viss erasers, they maintain a sharp edge even as they wear down from use.

Less abrasive than more ordinary erasers, the viss has been acclaimed by bloggers around the world for its lack of smear or smudge, and, besides its unique concept, it looks pretty amazing too.

You will immediately find that the viss provides a superb erasing experience and its shape makes it ideal for precisely removing a line or letter. This set features 15 erasers in three colors: black, orange and white (five each). If you value good stationery or get annoyed when you can’t erase easily, then you should definitely add the viss to your desktop.

Metaphys Viss Spiral Eraser Set

Metaphys viss Spiral Eraser Set

  • 15 different erasers
  • 3 different colors: black, white and orange
  • Material: elastomer resin
  • Size (each): about 15mm x 58mm (0.6″ x 2.3″)

Order the Metaphys Viss Spiral Eraser Set for $114 at Japan Trend Shop.

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