PB&J Yummy Pocket Organizer

Peanut Butter and Jelly Yummy Pocket Organizer

It’s peanut butter jelly time! Excluding those who suffer from anaphylactic peanut allergies, the PB&J sandwich is a delicious and satisfying staple to a nutritious diet, and has been for more than a century. PB&J doesn’t need to be heated up or refrigerated, it’s perfect for anytime of the day, hits the sweet and salty spot, packs up easily, and holds our pens, pencils, scissors and erasers? The PB&J Yummy Pocket Organizer is essential if you’re a fan of PB&J and need an attractive case to organize your loose office supplies.

One of the greatest joys in life is psyching out people with objects disguised as something else. Got a teacher who’s hellbent on enforcing the nut-free school zone? Give him/her a PB&J Organizer as a gift wrapped in a brown paper bag. Baseball bat optional.

When you open up the organizer, one half of the pocket looks like it has smeared peanut butter, probably of the smooth variety. The other half looks like it has either strawberry or raspberry jelly. Each bread piece has a side zipper to secure your supplies, and the slices stick together by an inner magnet – almost like the way PB&J stick together. The outer part of the organizer has excellent whole-wheat bread detailing with brown crust.

Although this school year has come to a close, it’s never too late to prepare for the new school year or summer school if you’re so lucky.  For those who are done with school and are into the workforce, the PB&J Organizer would also work fine at the office, in a briefcase, backpack, man bag, or purse. It can hold all sorts of little objects that tend to get lost, such as loose change, toothpicks, candy, etc. The PB&J Yummy Pocket Organizer is $9.95 at Baron Bob.

If you’re keen on other useful objects disguised as food, bet you’ll also like the Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow, Cupcake Pillow, Toast Wallet, Sandwich Lunchbox and Hamburger CD Case.


  1. George. Why the slamming of the website? The Baron’s customer service is second to none, cool items, priced right. Check out their customer feedback, let the people who actually buy something do the taking for us and when you change your mind about the site, use the coupon code LOVEBARON for 15% off.

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