Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert Pillow

Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert Pillow

Fans of mustaches can go for the Moustachio Plush Pillow, which has a mustache within a mustache. But if you’ve got a sweet tooth, then chances are you’ll either go for the Sweet Dreams Cupcake Pillow or this Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert Pillow. Which will it be? Or rather, what’s your flavor?

If your love for everything sweet and enticing has you raiding your fridge and freezer after every meal, then that might spell trouble for your blood sugar, not to mention your weight. So why not hug your cravings out instead with these oh-so-huggable Ice Cream sandwich pillows? Sure, it might not help that you’re staring at what you want to eat so badly 24/7 in your bedroom, but at least you’ll literally be able to have sweet dreams, now that you’re probably already sleeping with it, right?

It’s priced with a hefty tag of $30 though, so maybe that will be deterrent for you enough to just go out and buy the real thing instead. The Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert Pillow is available from Fred Flare.

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  1. Wow, that pillow is just to tempting. With this pillow you are definitely going to want to have quite a few boxes of the real thing i the freezer.

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