Wallace and Gromit Sandwich Toaster

Wallace and Gromit Sandwich Toaster

Toasted sandwiches are the best, but they’re so much better when you can share them with your buddy. With the Wallace and Gromit Sandwich Toaster, you can make two delicious sandwiches stamped with either a picture of the words “Cracking toast, Gromit!” or with a print of the two giving you the thumbs up.

In the episode “The Wrong Trousers,” Wallace coins the phrase, “Cracking Toast, Gromit!” Smart old Gromit still makes breakfast for Wallace even though it’s his own birthday. That’s what good friends do, I guess…they think of the other first and find time to break bread together.

Cook up a cracking toasted sandwich with the classic Wallace & Gromit Sandwich Toaster from Swan.
In just a few minutes you could be enjoy a toasted sandwich filled with your favourite fillings. What’s more is the unit will stamp creative images onto both sides of the bread to make your sandwich a whole lot more enjoyable. Featuring non-stick trays you can easily remove your food and clean after use. (Matt Major)

  • Heating Power: 550W Heating Elements
  • Weight: 1.3kg

Much like the George Foreman grill we’ve probably all owned at one point or waffle makers, the sandwich toaster has a non-stick surface so that you just lift the lid, stick in your sandwich, toast it, and out it comes. Though instead of grill marks, you get the wonderful images of our big-eyed cartoony chums from the U.K. You can make grilled cheese, ham and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, Nutella and banana sandwiches, or any sandwich you can think of that tastes good melted and gooey inside.

The Wallace and Gromit Sandwich Toaster is £17.99 at I Want One of Those.

If you’re not so familiar with Wallace and Gromit, you might know Hello Kitty, who has her own sandwich maker too. But if you want a man-wich, it’s the NFL Sandwich Maker you need to have sammies branded with your favorite team’s logo.

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