End of the World Countdown Timer

End of the World Countdown Timer

Every time one of these lone nut jobs or organizations predict the end of the world, it of course always turns out that they were wrong. But if fools predict it often enough, who knows, it may happen.(Yeah right.) Now you can count along to the end of the world with the End of the World Countdown Timer.

One of the better known dates that crackpots and smokers of certain herbs have predicted for the end is December 21st 2012. You might as well know how many days are left until the end, when these people are forced to wake up and smell reality.

Some believe that the Mayans predicted this doomsday date, while others believe that it was invented just to sell countdown clocks centuries later. Whatever is really going on with this phenomenon, why not count along? It will only cost you $9.99 from Amazon.

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