Magnetic Student Driver Sign Kit

Magnetic Student Driver Signs

The other day I saw a road rager blaring his horn and swearing like a drunken sailor. Why? Because a poor student driver driving a car with a huge ‘Student Driver’ sign on top was hesitating to make a right turn on red. The kid actually panicked and made the turn, speeding in front of oncoming traffic and then got tailgated some more by that spaz with tires screeching behind. I’m not sure if anything would’ve helped that situation or stopped that jerk, but perhaps the Magnetic Student Driver Sign Kit might serve as better ammo for future like situations.

Magnetic Student Driver Sign Kit

  • 2 door-panel magnets and 1 rear magnet
  • Red text on white background increases visibility
  • Reduces stress
  • Real vinyl magnets (not stickers)
  • Readable from over 100 feet away
  • Letters are 2″ tall on rear magnet; 2.625″ tall on door magnets

Since the signs are magnetic, you won’t have to fuss with the hard-to-remove sticky film that come with bumper stickers. So when your rookie driver graduates and gets his/her license, the signs easily come off the metallic parts of your car. Fast like a Band-Aid! Or you might enjoy the effect the signs have and drive around with them all the time. It’s up to you.

The bright red block letters printed against white make the three signs extremely clear and easy to read. Get noticed and respected with the Magnetic Student Driver Sign Kit, available at Vat19 for $19.95.

Also for emergency purposes, these magnetic LED Road Flares will also help steer nasty tailgaters clear of your car and signal the police.

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