KnoWhere Clock – Your Abroad Friend Wish You Had One

KnoWhere Clock

Are you an expert on calling friends and colleagues in other time zones on your best time of the day? Not a very popular thing to do.

That’s where the KnoWhere You & Me Clock comes in – an analog wall clock with “You” and “Me” hands. It also comes with six blank spare metal hands and a marker, so you can write whatever you feel is necessary.

The KnoWhere Clock is designed by Peter Stathis and measures 12 inches (30.5 cm) in diameter. No word on pricing.

There are also two other models: Cosmos and OneWorld.

KnoWhere Clock

(Via Soupe du Jour)

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  1. i want to make a lot of friend who live in abroad. But that type of friends i never find till at time.

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