Backwards Clock

Backwards Clock

Clocks can’t get any geekier than this. The Purple Motherboard Pendulum Clock that was previously featured here on GeekAlerts definitely had a lot of appeal. The DIY Wall Clock was a pretty neat concept, too, because it provided you with the framework you needed to create and customize your very own clock. If you prefer to get one right out of the box, then you might find the Backwards Clock more to your liking.

The Backwards Clock looks just like any typical clock, except it’s backwards! Take a closer look at this quirky timepiece and prepare to do a double take because the time is obviously not what it seems. This might not fare well with the folks in a busy office because of all the confusion it might cause, but it’s definitely a clock to get if you want something quirky yet so simple to hang on your wall. You will still be able to read off the correct time, of course, but it’s just going to take a little more time than usual, that’s all.

Backwards Clock

Backwards Clock

If watching the hours go by makes you anxious, or if you’re the kind of person who is always inevitably late, this backwards clock is designed just for you.

The numbers are on backwards, as if the clock were reflected in a mirror. And, instead of moving towards the right, the hands keep tick-tocking left.

It’s certainly original. With this backwards clock you’ll avoid the stress of trying to keep track of “only X hours until…”. Since you’ll have to make an extra effort to figure out what time it is, you’ll avoid letting your life be governed by the clock.

The Backwards Clock is available online from Curiosite for $28.53.

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