Knight Rider KITT Vehicle with Michael Knight Action Figure

Knight Rider KITT with Michael Knight

Before he was running down the beach with a bevy of bouncing beauties in Baywatch, David Hasselhoff was fighting crime with a geektastic hi-tech car. The Knight Rider KITT Vehicle with Michael Knight Action Figure lets you relive those adventurous times of the early 80′s…before The Hoff decided he preferred working with women in tight bathing suits over a car that talked to him.

While this version of KITT might not be bullet-proof or able to drive itself, the wheels do spin and the doors do open, and 5 LED’s in the front sensor bar make the lights pulsate just like in the TV show.

The limited edition, roughly 13-inch long vehicle based on the iconic 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am from the TV series, is compatible with many 3 3/4-inch action figures but won’t want just anyone getting their little plastic hands on this ride because you also get a Michael Knight action figure.

To make your Knight Rider love complete, you can even hear the voice of KITT himself (William Daniels) speak several different phrases, including:

  • “I am KITT….”
  • “All systems functioning.”
  • “May I recommend you engage my auto-cruise mode?”
  • “Michael, I detect vehicles…”

Slip on your leather jacket, feather your hair, and get ready to ride back to 1982 with the Knight Rider KITT Vehicle with Michael Knight Action Figure for $59.99 at Entertainment Earth. KITT and Michael are available for pre-order now and scheduled for arrival in February 2013.

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