Griffin Helo TC Assault Helicopter

Griffin Helo TC Assault Helicopter

You’ve seen these cool Helo Helicopters before and the new Griffin Helo TC Assault Helicopter won’t disappoint. With its app firing missiles and bright LED lights, you’ll be ready for some serious indoor flying from this twin-rotor assault helicopter.

Plug the flight deck into the jack of any iOS or Android device and your commands will be translated into infrared signals that control this cool assault helicopter. It’s easy to use and first time fliers will have instant control from the easy-to-learn controls and twin-rotor design.

As everyone knows, landings are always the toughest part. But don’t worry, Griffin’s Helo TC Assault Chopper has you covered with its Helo TC app that features one touch auto landing.

Helo TC Assault Helicopter

Griffin Helo TC Assault Helicopter

  • Flight Deck module that plugs into the headphone jack of any iOS or Android device, turning the device into a controller after downloading the HELO TC Assault app
  • Six live-fire missiles launched via a quick tap on the smartphone’s touchscreen
  • Auto Land feature with tap of touchscreen controls
  • Two ways to fly: touch control (using a virtual joystick on the touchscreen display) or tilt to steer (tilting the smartphone’s motion sensors to maneuver the chopper)
  • Intuitive, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use controls
  • Ability to record up to three Flight Plans for easy repetition
  • Stable twin-rotor design

Enjoy some fun at home or the office with the Griffin Helo TC Assault Helicopter available at Griffin for $59.99 and look for it soon at

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