Goggles Umbrella

Goggles Umbrella

Ever tried walking in the rain with an umbrella over your head and bumping into the person/lamp post/mailbox that was right in front of you? Chances are you already have, if you’ve got one of those bigger and deeper domed umbrellas. If you feel like you might have already bumped a few things too many, then it’s time to trade in your old umbrella for the Goggles Umbrella.

The Goggles Umbrella has an extra deep dome but it’s got something that those other umbrellas don’t: a goggle-shaped transparent window that lets you see what’s happening, even while you’re shielded from the rain.

Goggles Umbrella

Now, when was the last time a rain shower offered you that much excitement? With this sunny yellow umbrella, every rain cloud offers a return to childhood adventure – without even messing up your big-girl style. The dome of the umbrella reaches down extra far, shielding your hair and makeup from the evil forces of wind and rain. A scuba goggle-shaped window helps you navigate safely through shoals of treacherous pedestrians. Then, when you’ve reached dry land, the periscope has a slip-resistant, rubberized surface that makes it easier to lean the umbrella up against a wall.

The Goggles Umbrella is available from Uncommon Goods for $28.

UPDATE November 2012: You can now purchase the submarine styled Goggles Umbrella at Amazon.com for $19.99 at and Firebox.com for $40.

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