Disney Pixar Toy Story Ker Plunk! Game

Disney Pixar Toy Story Ker Plunk! Game

How many aliens can you keep from going Ker Plunk! in this Disney Pixar Toy Story Ker Plunk! Game? This version of the game is a fun way to introduce the game to kids who are in that stage of their lives where they’re just into everything and anything that has a fun-looking cartoon character or alien on the game.

My nephew used to think that the goal of the game (that’s been all spruced up in the Disney Pixar Toy Story Ker Plunk! version) was to make all the aliens plunge down once the sticks have been removed. Obviously wrong, but he looked like he was having so much fun that I couldn’t break it to him. While we’re on the subject of games, have some more kid-friendly fun by having a go at the FishingDarts Magnetic Dart Game and Tetris Link.

Disney Pixar Toy Story Ker Plunk! Game

  • Don’t let the aliens fall!
  • Uh-oh… kerplunk!
  • Your favorite Toy Story characters are getting in on the game.
  • A fun twist on the classic game!

Toy Story Ker Plunk! is a new twist on the original game of Ker Plunk! that’s been a family favorite for years! Get ready to blast into action with the Pizza Planet Rocket Ship that houses the aliens. Each player takes turns pulling out the sticks and the winner is the one with the least number of aliens that go kerplunk! 2 to 4 players.

The Disney Pixar Toy Story Ker Plunk! Game is available from Entertainment Earth for $21.99.

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