Toy Story Inflatable Ride-On Rocket Video Game

Toy Story Inflatable Video Game Rocket

Maybe you know a munchkin who has dreams of blasting off into deep space on a rocket. Well, rocket travel is hard to hook up in real life unless your name is Richard Branson. So the Toy Story Inflatable Ride-On Rocket/Interactive Video Game is a safer, more kid-friendly option for rocket travel.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that kids love ride-ons. Combine the excitement of ride-ons with ten interactive Toy Story video games controlled by a joystick and what do you get? Magic! Just plug in the AV cable into your TV’s AV socket and you’re good to go. Ok, after your healthy pair of lungs blow up the rocket.

While your kid is busy launching off to infinity and beyond, you can head to your Tony Stark wannabe jet lab and work on your own rockets and jet packs. (That is, if you haven’t already purchased the JetLev Flyer Water Jet Pack. Can you believe that someone has actually went through with creating a hydro jet pack?)

Product Details

  • Plugs into the television via AV adapter.
  • 10 interactive adventure games (16-bit graphics) included.
  • Just like a real rocket, the controls are directed using a joystick.
  • Dimensions: 140 cm x 42 cm x 76 cm
  • Weight: 1.35 kg
  • For ages 3 and up

The Lexibook Toy Story Inflatable Ride-On Rocket (that’s an interactive video game) is £51.05 at Toy Walla. It is also available from £55 at and for £49.99 at

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